Facial Treatments

Holistic Facials

spa treatmentsI do facials because I love to nurture others, to see the stresses of life melt away, revealing the beautiful true selves shining through.

Since 1994, I have used the same products in all my treatments because of their high quality and the excellent results seen over the years. I believe them to be the most wonderful, life-filled products on the planet. I use Dr. Hauschka products and treatments to achieve visible transformation for others and myself; a company that shares my vision of living in harmony with nature.

I offer you a quiet, restful retreat. With soft, relaxing music, wrapped in comfort, in a safe space where troubles and concerns of the outside world melt away. Within this space worries of the mind are let go of, inner peace and bliss are found. Take a peaceful journey within, through the senses, and drift into a state of deep relaxation, where all is perfect, calm and balanced, and where true healing can take place.

All forms of skin and body care enhance your life force and boost your health and beauty, that is, when they are administered by someone who is loving, compassionate and skilled. “A facial or body treatment given by such a person can transform you” (Awakening Beauty, the Dr. Hauschka Way).

Dr. Hauschka Relaxation Treatment

Stress and tension melt away. Awaken with renewed energy.
Relaxation begins with warm aromatherapy compresses, deep cleanse, steam, extractions or lymph stimulation as needed, consisting of gentle, rhythmical hand and brush strokes. Includes a treatment mask chosen for specific needs, décolleté massage and day care protection.

60 minutes…… $85.
Series of 6….. $450.

Dr. Hauschka Clarifying Treatment

Therapeutic, Balancing, Healing
Designed for acne-prone skin or other skin conditions. Begins with aromatherapy compresses, deep cleanse and an herbal solution applied with steaming for opening and softening the pores. Cleansing clay mask draws out impurities and calms inflammation. Blemishes and blackheads are reduced. Includes décolleté massage, healing skin conditioner and day care protection.

75 minutes…… $90.
Series of 6….. $480.

Dr. Hauschka Rejuvenating Treatment

Refreshing & Revitalizing
Begins with warm aromatherapy compresses, deep cleanse, herbal solution with steaming, extractions, purifying clay mask, soothing décolleté massage and gentle lymph stimulation. Promotes a renewed sense of well-being and a healthy, glowing complexion. Includes healing conditioner, nourishing mask and day care protection.

90 minutes…. $120.
Series of 6….. $660.

Blissful Facial

In this treatment, one is transported to a healing place within where all stresses and worries are far, far away. It includes a deep cleansing, balancing facial along with a ½ hour face massage. The technique used to achieve this is done with hand movements, gua sha done with rose quartz stones or a kansa wand. Acupressure points, smoothing out tension, lymph stimulation and deeper release. Decollette massage.

It is deeply relaxing and it reduces the signs of stress and tension in the face and body, which in turn releases signs of aging.

90 minutes…… $105.
Series of 6….. $570.

Dr. Hauschka Classic Treatment

For a renewed sense of well-being and a healthy, glowing complexion.
This Dr. Hauschka Signature Treatment uses pure botanical preparations and a nurturing touch to revitalize the skin and encourage deep relaxation. Begins with a Sage foot bath and lower leg and foot massage, warm aromatherapy compresses, deep cleanse, herbal solution with steaming to open and soften pores, extractions, purifying clay mask and lymph stimulation. Includes gentle rhythmical hand and brush movements, healing conditioner, nourishing mask, soothing décolleté massage, arm and hand massage, and appropriate day care protection.

120 minutes…. $155.
Series of 6….. $870.

Acupressure Facial Treatment

Treatment includes deep cleansing, steam, mask, healing skin conditioners, acupressure, décolleté massage and day or nighttime treatments for your skin. Benefits of this treatment are felt in the entire being as it induces deep relaxation, relieving stress and offering a sense of well being. The skin is deeply nourished with Dr. Hauschka products appropriate for your skin type.

60 minutes…. $80.

Regenerating Night Treatment

This Treatment begins with a foot bath and cup of tea, neck and shoulder compress’, a gentle leg and foot massage, facial cleansing, toning, lymph stimulation and night serum.

This treatment is recommended for late in the day to assist your body and mind in letting go of the day, helping all stress to melt away and prepares your skin for it’s evening processes.

As your body slows upon evening’s approach, the renewal and regeneration of your skin begins.

45 minutes…. $60.