denial in homeopathyUnfortunately, many people respond to changes in the skin with practices that assault and injure it further, consequently accelerating the aging process. On the other hand, many do nothing at all for their skin or their health and still expect it to remain clear, beautiful and young looking.

We either work with the skin to assist it in its natural functions or we end up injuring it or overriding its normal function for short-term benefits (such as with alpha-hydroxy-acids, peels, facelifts, etc.) The more substances are used that injure the skin and adversely affect the health of the body, the more one is forced to hide behind elaborate clothing, make-up or extreme makeovers, all of which are illusions of beauty.

Wrinkled skin is weak skin. The skin is always attempting to renew itself and restore beauty. Every blemish, rash, wrinkle or imbalance that appears on the skin is the body’s indicator that there is an imbalance on the inside.

We must support the skin’s natural processes by nourishing it and assisting it to be strong and resilient. As we age and move from our 30’s and 40’s into our 50’s and beyond, our health and beauty increasingly depend upon the wisdom of our choices and how we care for ourselves.

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