detoxificationIf one has any skin conditions, the body must be detoxified. Beautiful, radiant skin is dependent on the health of the liver, kidney, bowel and lymph systems. Healthy skin is an internal issue. We can reduce the burden on the lymph, the skin and all the elimination organs by eating an antioxidant-rich diet filled with life-giving fruits and vegetables, avoiding artificial substances and alcohol, smoking and drugs of all kinds.

By eating a healthy diet, not only is beauty restored to the skin, but optimum weight is more easily maintained, one has more energy, greater protection from illness and a deep sense of well being. Nourishing, organic foods also help heal the environment and sustain the earth.

Slowing the skin’s aging process is also dependent upon the nourishment of products applied to the skin. The more synthetic ingredients used on the skin, the faster it ages. It is not uncommon for some skin care professionals to use products that contain propylene glycol and other toxic substances.

In contrast, using products on the skin that are of the highest quality, grown organically and biodynamically, will produce results that are highly visible, especially over time.

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