Elimination & Immune Systems

elimination & immune systemsThe skin is the largest elimination organ in our body. It eliminates 2-5 pounds of waste every day. In Chinese medicine, it is known as the Third Kidney. It eliminates as much waste as the kidneys and bowels every day.

If the liver, bowels and lymph system back up, the skin becomes overburdened and sluggish, causing skin conditions. The thyroid can be a source of this back-up. If the thyroid is weak, it becomes more difficult to sweat, thus suppressing the skin from eliminating toxins, which causes the back-up in the lymph system.

The toxins are eliminated through the lymph system; it is one of the most vital systems in the body. It removes cellular waste. Known as the “house of the immune system”, it destroys disease-causing agents, which are then neutralized by the liver and expelled by the kidneys. Lymph vessels and nodes contain antibodies and immune cells called lymphocytes. It is also a carrier of nutrients. There are 600 lymph nodes in the body, 200 located in the face and neck. It is understandable why the lymph must be addressed in skin care treatments. The better your lymph system is at removing toxic substances, the clearer and more beautiful your skin will be.

A symptom of an immune reaction is inflammation. Many foods commonly consumed contain by-products that have the effect of congesting and inflaming the elimination system. Skin conditions are signs of this process. As the body attempts to eliminate these by-products, one may experience anything from dandruff, pimples, rashes, dermatitis to psoriasis and skin cancer. Inflammation results in rapid aging.

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