Homeopathy for the Skin

homeopathy for the skinHomeopathy is an alternative view to the allopathic model of modern medicine. A modern medical doctor usually views a skin condition as a problem to be eliminated as quickly as possible. He or she will prescribe cortisone, steroids or antibiotics to “take away” the problem revealed on the skin. The homeopathic view is that this only serves to drive the problem deeper into the body, where it cannot be seen but causes more damage and imbalance internally.

The process of using a product or drug to “take away” a skin condition without treating the cause is called suppression.

The founder of Homeopathy, Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, discovered after 12 years of research that all disease originates from suppressing the skin. Suppression of the skin can lead to more serious problems:

  • Suppression of skin eruptions causes asthma, cataracts, coma, eardrum degeneration, fever, mania, nausea, meningitis, mental and physical weakness, urinary problems
  • Suppression of eczema causes asthma, cough, convulsions, deafness, epilepsy, headaches, prosopalgia (facial neuralgia)
  • Suppression of sweat causes amenorrhea, dysentery, prosopalgia, suicidal tendency and toothache

These illnesses will not occur overnight. It may take years for them to develop, as the body is always attempting to create a state of homeostasis. But when these attempts are suppressed, the body is forced to express them on deeper levels.

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