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Embody Wellness

by Suzan Hooper

Homeopathic Practitioner 

& Licensed Aesthetician

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Holistic healing

What is Holistic Skin Care?

Holistic skin care approaches the body as an integrated unit in which every function works together to achieve harmony and balance. 

Beautiful, healthy skin is a result of many influences:


Healthy Diet

Stress Management

Avoidance of Toxic Substances

Healthy Expression of Emotions

Adequate Sleep

Regular Exercise

Proper Cleansing

Pure, Non-Toxic Skin Care Products

Balanced Hormones (Endocrine System)


Healthy Elimination Systems (Intestines, Kidneys, Liver, Lymph, and Skin)

A place of healing, peace, and wellness

My goal in my work is to offer a holistic healing experience that integrates all parts of ones being, and uncovers the treasure within by helping to remove the layers and obstacles that obscure one’s true self.

By connecting to our true, perfect, beautiful nature and by loving, honoring, respecting ourselves we embody all that we are. To “embody wellness” means to me, living at our highest possible level in body, mind, spirit.

When we are able to live in harmony and love on the inside, we radiate this to others and the world around us, contributing in the most beneficial way to all life. Everything is connected. We are just beginning to realize and understand this at a deeper level.


Popular Treatments

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Stress and tension melt away. Awaken with renewed energy.

Clarifying Facial

Therapeutic, Balancing, Healing

Rejuvenating Facial

Refreshing & Revitalizing

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